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DOOHCLICK is the next generation Ad Software for all your out-of-home advertising needs. With the software, you have your proof-of-play reports, OOH administration, creative scheduling and much much more in one central location.

Media Booking

DOOH and Billboard Scheduling

Manage Advertisers

Manage Advertisers and Agencies

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising

DOOHCLICK Functionality

Media Consession

Share access to your media inventory with partner companies and clients, to build trust and keep your DOOH operations transparent.

Inventory Overview

With Doohclick, you have a live overview of the inventory and booking levels of your screens or billboard availability across your entire network.


Analyse the performance of the sales team or the best performing segment of your network based on revenues or gross profit contribution. Track budgets and the actuals of your agency clients, and get all the insights you could possibly need.

Campaign Reporting

With data at your fingertips you can make informed decisions and build an extra level of trust with your advertisers. From generating interactive campaign pages with proof of play data to reports on whether sales and media targets are being met.

Proposals and booking

Create beautiful and professional detailed proposals in just a few clicks. Reserve inventory, book and negotiate all your discounts in one place.


Through Doohclick’s scheduling algorithm and proprietary player technology, you can streamline your advanced dynamic bookings. On top of this, it allows you or clients to upload creative assets straight to the cloud with a built-in approval process.
Our clients include leading media networks globally

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