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Royal Streaming is the world’s leading software provider for music streaming in the retail industry. Their talented team of sound engineers provide you with a soundscape that fits any retail space and resonates with your customers. With Royal Streaming, all your music licensing rights are already taken care of, and using store and forward, you can keep in-store staff completely hands off!

Streaming Technology
Streaming Hardware included
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Some of our key features includes

Music to match your brand

With Royal Streaming’s talented team of sound engineers, you are in a safe pair of hands when it comes to picking music that fits your brand.

Store and forward

With store and forward, the whole music set-up is a hands-free experience for your retail teams in store. A pre-selected soundtrack creates a soundscape that both resonates with your customers and matches the store environment.

Time Steering

Time steering make’s it possible to influence your customers’ buying behavior, from a soft soundscape in the morning to a faster beat in time for the evening rush hour. It creates the right mood for every location or customer base.

In-store advertising & Announcements

In-store advertising or announcements can be based on detailed proof-of-play reports and store zone control, improving both impact and relevancy to audiences.

Music License included

With Royal Streaming, don’t spend your time worrying about royalty costs! They have got you covered, with the whole South East Asian region covered on when it comes to dealing with music licensing.

Software and Hardware included

Royal Streaming works on most major operating and mobile platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. We also provide industry-leading hardware solutions for stability and offline backups.
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