Make sense of your sales data with Liveboard


Liveboard is the central point, where all your data comes alive with the power of artificial intelligence. You will be spoiled with insights into every corner of your operations, with the opportunity to integrate all your data flows in one place. All your retail insights are displayed on Liveboard’s dashboard, which can be easily viewed on your phone, desktop or even apple watch. Enabling you to make strategies that not only succeed but exceed your expectations!

Real-time summary in your mobile
Connect to signage for automatic price adjustments
Comparables and A/B Testing
Key Features includes

Product sales insights

With product sales insights, you can see which item is currently trending and other outliers in inventory movements so you can make the required changes straight away.

Live Sales Data

Get a live view of your current sales data and activity with insights from every signage location or commercial premise. No more guessing, or only getting half the picture!

Historical comparisons

Compare your data against the previous month or year-on-year to get a full picture of your business’s performance over time.

Customer satisfaction

You can sync customer responses from in-store or online surveys to get a snapshot of their satisfaction levels. You can use their feedback to get a picture of what is working and what is not, and make the necessary changes.

Dashboard overview

Retail data is displayed on an attractive and detailed dashboard through your desktop or through the custom developed app for your cellphone or iWatch.

Service time

Make sure that you are delivering for your customers and their overall experience by measuring the service time of your QSR or FMCG network.

Implemented and utilised by McDonalds in over 20 markets globally

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