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Signage Player is the most versatile CMS solution for all your digital signage needs. With its user-friendly interface, and pre-set templates, you can upload content even if you are an absolute beginner!

Retail Location Manager

Campaign Scheduling

Media library with drag and drop

Integrates with Samsung and LG SoC

Our software runs directly on signage grade LG and Samsung. This makes large digital signage networks easier to roll out and operate. With no need for external player hardware, we help our customers eliminate cost and time while providing market-leading up-time and stability. Our software runs over 100,000 screens globally.

Key features includes

User Roles

Customize and manage user roles in your organization with different levels of access to location, content and of course administration.

Simple Installation

Signage Player is compatible with all major platforms, It can be installed directly onto your LG or Samsung screens without the need for any additional hardware.

Dynamic Content

Create triggers based on weather, stock updates, or any other live third party sources to keep your content relevant and ready to capture the attention of your audiences.

Content Templates

Keep your communication on point and on brand with pre-set content templates. Drag and drop content straight into Signage Player, and it’s ready to play on your screens.

Location control

Set up locations and zones for your digital signage network using google maps’ data. Signage player can also bring into play other factors such as weather and time of day.


Create and manage tags for your screens, locations, content, and broadcasts to automate and simplify signage campaigns.
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