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Get Fresh rolls out smart digital signage

Get Fresh rolls out smart digital signage

Digital Conversion New opening stores in the pipeline and Get Fresh are changing their traditional way of content management to Cloud base. They believe in time consuming of their operation and real-time broadcast. With Giant Pumpkin's software it's easier to manage...

A study of the musical tempo’s impact on the customer

A study of the musical tempo’s impact on the customer

ROYAL STREAMING - Study - Wayne's Coffee During a week, an observational study of cafe guests was conducted in order to calculate the average visit time through high, low, and varied musical tempo. Furthermore, a survey was conducted at the café to investigate whether...

Bata Thailand chose Royal Streaming to deliver its domestic music solution

by | May 27, 2021 | Music for retail | 0 comments

Industry: Retail
Company HQ: Switzerland

Music brings an extra emotional experience to shopping and Bata wants to ensure their customers have the opportunity to engage with all of their senses. With a well planned roll-out and consistent connectivity, Royal Streaming and Bata have achieved a perfect solution for their stores in Thailand.

Because consistency is of the utmost importance to global brands seeking to maintain their authenticity in regional markets. To address technical issues and operational inconsistencies, Bata chose Royal Streaming to deliver its domestic music solution, with a harmonious experience, to immerse their Thai customers in the sound of Bata.


Royal Streaming provides music design and technical know-how in line with the global music strategy and sonic identity to help Bata engage loyal and new customers and ensure all their stores are connected and playing.

Global Licensing

Functioning as a 1 stop shop, Royal Streaming provides a solution that guarantees all licensing is paid through local collective management organizations. 

Advanced Technology

Royal Streaming’s proprietary technology and superior hardware provide Bata with proof of play and connectivity monitoring of the music experience throughout all their stores. 

Global and local support

Our regional music and customer success teams work with Bata’s domestic teams to ensure all stores are online and in-synch, enabling the service to easily adapt at scale, to the changing needs of the brand.