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Get Fresh rolls out smart digital signage

Get Fresh rolls out smart digital signage

Digital Conversion New opening stores in the pipeline and Get Fresh are changing their traditional way of content management to Cloud base. They believe in time consuming of their operation and real-time broadcast. With Giant Pumpkin's software it's easier to manage...

A study of the musical tempo’s impact on the customer

A study of the musical tempo’s impact on the customer

ROYAL STREAMING - Study - Wayne's Coffee During a week, an observational study of cafe guests was conducted in order to calculate the average visit time through high, low, and varied musical tempo. Furthermore, a survey was conducted at the café to investigate whether...

How did 7ELEVEN achieve a 17% uplift in sales through Digital Signage?

by | May 27, 2021 | Digital Signage | 0 comments

By choosing Signage Player as the CMS enabled 7-Eleven to implement new day-parting scheduling and at the same time achieve a more streamlined operation with less complicated workflows. Since Signage Player integrates seamlessly with Samsung and LG Signage the installation was quick and easy and removed the need for additional hardware. This resulted in an extremely lightweight and reliable system with fewer risks of failure.

The Result

  • Uplift +3-4% in overall sales
  • Uplift of displayed products up to17%
  • Increase product conversion rate on signage

To deliver the experience 7Eleven use Signage Player CMS

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